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Figure 4-9. TodoMVC is a collection of to-do demos built for most JavaScript MV*
The Top Five Frameworks
Before you can decide which framework is best for your project, you need to know how
they perform. The following sections focus on how each of the five leading frameworks
handles server-side collections of objects rendered to the DOM. Data interaction is
important for two main reasons:
• Binding objects to the UI must be declarative, and the view layer should autoupdate
as changes to the model occur.
• It's easy to create JavaScript-heavy applications that end up as a tangled mess of
jQuery, RESTful endpoints, and callbacks. A structured MVC approach makes code
more maintainable and reusable.
For each framework, I'll evaluate persistence strategies, identify JavaScript frameworks
that are server agnostic, and use transports such as HTTP (for RESTful endpoints) and
other protocols such as WebSockets. This section assumes you already have a basic idea
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