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Figure 3-26. The autodiscovery and passcode connection screen for Adobe Shadow
Opera Remote Debugging
Using the remote debugging functionality of Opera Dragonfly , you can analyze and
debug pages running in the Opera Mobile Emulator (see Figure 3-27 ). With Dragonfly,
you can debug in separate instances of the Opera browser, as well as other Opera Presto-
powered user agents. It doesn't matter if these are located on the same machine or on
another device such as a mobile phone or television. When put into Remote Debugging
mode, Opera Dragonfly will listen for a connection to the IP address and port specified.
The separate instance of the Opera browser can connect over a network and pass de‐
bugging information across the connection. Opera Dragonfly can then interact with the
web pages and applications on the remote instance, just as if it were running locally.
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