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Memory Consumption
Finally, to truly understand the graphics hardware performance of an application, look
at how memory is being consumed. Here you can see that the app is pushing 1.38MB
of drawing instructions to the CoreAnimation buffers on Mac OS. The CoreAnimation
memory buffers are shared between OpenGL ES and the GPU to create the final pixels
you see on the screen ( Figure 3-9 ).
Figure 3-9. CoreAnimation debug session (small screen)
When you simply resize or maximize the browser window, you can see the memory
expand as well ( Figure 3-10 ).
Using the previous debugging techniques gives you an idea of how memory is being
consumed on your mobile device only if you resize the browser to the correct dimen‐
sions. When debugging or testing for iPhone environments, for example, resize to 480
by 320 pixels.
This section illustrated how hardware acceleration works and what it takes to debug
memory issues or other hardware accelerated glitches. It's one thing to read about it, but
to actually see the GPU memory buffers working visually really brings things into per‐
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