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The good thing is that there are workarounds in the majority of cases and browser
vendors such as Microsoft, Opera, Google, Apple, and Mozilla are clearly taking the
stance of providing a platform for developers with their respective browsers (see
Figure 1-4 ).
Figure 1-4. Potential upcoming browser platforms
Whether you work for a large company or a budding startup, you must hone your skills,
look past shiny home pages, look past top rankings on Hacker News or reddit, and make
decisions that are valuable to your current project. You must set up and maintain work‐
flows for writing, testing, and debugging code and the frameworks you choose. These
workflows may consist of many libraries and processes, from enforcing automatic IDE
inspections with JSHint to testing your code with a minified, concatenated version of
all the JavaScript contained within your application. Overall, it's incredibly valuable to
understand and embrace the tools that will help you deliver an amazing web application
or enhance an existing one.
The architecture of client-side applications is in its infancy. Tools and processes will get
better over time, and JavaScript will be considered the assembly language of the Web.
Until that day comes, however, we are the pioneers in this new age of frontend devel‐
opment. Now is the time to seize the opportunity: create applications that are perform‐
ant, are scalable, and take advantage of the latest specifications that the Web has to offer.
It is time to move the Web forward and make it better.
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