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Fig. 8 Examples of molecular biomimetics (adapted from Sarikaya et al. 2003 ) . Proteins can
be used, for example, to bind nanoparticles to a functionalized substrate, to create linkers onto a
specifi c substrate, or to connect different nanoparticles with each other
Fig. 9 Micelle and reverse micelle processing for synthesis of nanoparticles. On the right , it is
shown the schematic for the synthesis of CdS quantum dots via reverse (inverse) micelle method
simply tuning the molar ratio of the solvents. Upon drying, the particles could self-
assemble into three-dimensional superlattices that are chemically and mechanically
robust and can, for example, support high-density magnetization reversal
The micelle process is also commonly used in the synthesis of semiconducting
quantum dots. For example, CdSe nanoparticles capped with ZnS coating offer sig-
nifi cant advantages as bioimaging agents as compared to the commonly used organic
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