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Figure 23-2: A sample returned position.
Most of the details are in a coords subobject that contains at minimum the latitude, longitude, and accuracy
in meters. It might also contain additional data.
The full fields available in the position object follow:
Latitude: The best guess latitude as a number
Longitude: The best guess longitude as a number
Altitude: An altitude estimate or null if there is no estimate
Accuracy: The accuracy of latitude and longitude in meters
altitudeAccuracy: The accuracy of the altitude in meters or null
heading: If speed is greater than zero, the direction in degrees, otherwise NaN
speed: The speed in meters per second
As mentioned, only the longitude, latitude, and accuracy are guaranteed to be present.
getCurrentPosition also accepts a third parameter that is an options object. The three options avail-
able as of this writing follow:
enableHighAccuracy: Provides a hint that accuracy is important. This may require longer to gen-
erate a position and uses more battery, but the results will be more accurate if possible.
Timeout: How long in milliseconds to wait for a position before timing out.
maximumAge: The maximum age in milliseconds of the position. If greater than zero the method may
return a cached position.
By default enableHighAccuracy is set to false; timeout is set to 0, which means never to timeout;
and maximumAge is set to 0 as well, which means don't use cached data. If you want a position quickly, set
maximumAge to a number greater than zero.
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