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jsonOutput = {};
for ( var spriteName in rowData) {
// Order by ascending number
var row = rowData[spriteName].sort( function (a,b) {
return a[0] - b[0];
firstImage = row[0][1],
imageWidth = firstImage.width,
rowHeight = firstImage.height,
rowWidth = Math.min(imageWidth * row.length, maxSpriteWidth),
cols = Math.floor(rowWidth / imageWidth),
rows = Math.ceil(row.length / cols);
jsonOutput[spriteName] = { sx : 0, sy : curY, cols : cols,
tilew : imageWidth, tileh : rowHeight,
frames : row.length };
for ( var i = 0;i < rows;i ++ ) {
for ( var k = 0;k < cols;k ++ ) {
if (row[k + i * cols]) {
ctx.drawImage(row[k + i * cols ][1],k * imageWidth,curY);
curY += rowHeight;
return jsonOutput;
The drawImages method takes in the rows' data and the Canvas and then loops over each row. For each
row, it calls the JavaScript sort method with a method that sorts images by the first element of the array. It
then grabs the first image from each row to calculate the height of the row and the width of each row.
Armed with this information, it can create the jsonOutput entry for this row based on the width and height
of each frame and the current y location on the Canvas (stored in curY ).
The code then loops over each image in the row, based on the number of rows and columns for that sprite,
and draws it at the correct x and y location, updating curY to keep each row of the sprite and each sprite at the
correct y location.
Updating and Running the Script
With drawImages written, spriter.js is now complete; however, the script file in bin/spriter needs
to be updated to pass in the directory passed to it. Modify bin/spriter to match the code in Listing 8-10 .
Listing 8-10: An updated script
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