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ctx.fillStyle = "#C00";
// Make the spriter method available
module.exports = spriter;
The functionality is now wrapped up in a function that can be called externally.
Next, open a file called spriter (no extension) in a bin subdirectory of your module, and add the code in
Listing 8-4 .
Listing 8-4: bin/spriter command-line script
#!/usr/bin/env node
var spriter = require('../spriter');
The only purpose of this script is to load the module you just wrote and then call the spriter function.
You need to make the file executable by flipping on the executable bit. Run the following from the command
line in your spriter directory:
chmod a+x bin/spriter
Next, you can use the npm link command to make the bin file available throughout the system while still
letting you modify the code. From the spriter directory, run the following:
npm link
You can now run the spriter command from the command line anywhere in the system and have the (ad-
mittedly useless) sprites.png file created. In the next section, you turn spriter into a useful sprite map
Writing a Sprite-Map Generator
With the logistics of putting together a Node module out of the way, next up is actually making that module use-
ful. The purpose of the module is to generate a sprite map PNG and corresponding JSON given a directory of
image files. Sprite maps are useful in HTML5 game development because you don't want to load hundreds of
separate image files to handle animations, but rather, as you've seen, load one or a small number of spritesheet
files that have multiple images on them.
Follow these steps to achieve the goal of the script:
1. Take a directory of image files in numbered sequences (that is, ship01.png , ship02.png , ..., en-
emy01.png , enemy02.png , ...).
2. Output a sprite map where each row of images corresponds to a numbered list of files.
3. Output a JSON file detailing the pixel locations and number of frames of each sprite that can be loaded
into the game engine that will be built in the next few chapters.
The next sections will put together the pieces for this script.
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