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Figure 7-17: The Weinre remote inspector.
Because Weinre is just a script you load on the mobile device, you don't have access to a script debugger or
the Profiles tab, but you can inspect elements and execute code in a JavaScript console. To start with Weinre,
you need to either download the straight Java JAR file, or, if you are on a Mac, you can download the Mac
If you have downloaded the JAR file, run it by executing the following command in the directory you have
extracted Weinre to:
java -jar weinre.jar ~DHboundHost -all-
If you have downloaded the OS X package, you need to create a directory called .weinre (the leading period
is important; don't forget it) in your home directory and open a file called with the
following contents:
boundHost: -all-
Next, double-click the Weinre app to start it.
In both cases, the boundHost option is necessary so your mobile device can access the Weinre server.
WARNING Running Weinre with boundHost set to -all- is a potential security risk; you should do this
only when you are on a local, trusted network.
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