HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 7-3: Adding a DOM breakpoint.
The final tab on the right, Event Listeners, shows the events applied to that DOM element.
Inspecting and modifying elements and viewing styles are less important in Canvas-based games than in nor-
mal applications, but if you build games with CSS3 or SVG, you'll appreciate seeing the specific styles applied
to each DOM element as well as the hierarchy of styles. You might often run into a situation in which you have
trouble applying a style to an object, and seeing which specific selector is overriding it can be useful.
Viewing Page Resources
The second tab, Resources (see Figure 7-4 ), is used to view all the resources that the page and any embedded
frames use. Resources include any HTML, Scripts, Stylesheets, and art assets, but also things, such as Indexed
DB usage, Local Storage, Session Storage, Cookies, and Application Cache.
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