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Chapter 6
Being a Good Mobile Citizen
What's in this chapter?
• Maximizing game size
• Taking advantage of iOS features
• Dealing with limited bandwidth
• Using the Application Cache Code Downloads for this Chapter
The code downloads for this chapter are found at
title.cgi?isbn=9781118301326 on the Download Code tab. The code is in the chapter 06 download and individu-
ally named according to the names throughout the chapter.
You can overcome many of the challenges for developing on mobile with a little bit of preplanning and know-
ledge of the limitations of the target platform. Where things get difficult is when desktop games are shoehorned
into mobile devices without a lot of forethought or respect for the restrictions that mobile brings to the table. This
chapter prepares you for the peculiarities you need to know to successfully develop and release an HTML5 game
on mobile.
Responding to Device Capabilities
One of the major challenges of game development on mobile devices is how to maximize screen real estate on
small devices while supporting the great variety of screen resolutions and aspect ratios of these devices. Unlike
single platform mobile devices such as the Apple App store, the DS, or the PSP, mobile HTML5 games not only
need to deal with a plethora of different devices, each with their own resolution and aspect ratio, but also with the
possibility that the play can be either in landscape or portrait mode.
Maximizing Real Estate
When a player plays your game on a tiny screen, such as those on mobile devices, one of the best things you can
do is make sure the game takes up the full height and width of the available screen real estate.
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