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The data for memory usage and performance given above should be interpreted with caution. Apart from the rapidly
changing HTML5 implementations, which can render any performance data out-of-date, it can be rather difficult to get an
accurate measurement of true execution cost and memory usage. Memory usage in particular can be difficult to measure.
Some browsers provide tools to take a snapshot of the JavaScript heap, whereas others do not expose this information.
However, for completeness, the results of our approximate measurements during the preparation of this content
are given in Figures 4-1 and 4-2 for a simulation involving 1,000,000 particles. We intentionally omit browser names and
versions, and further details of the experiment to underline the fact that this data is purely for illustrative purposes.
Figure 4-1. Approximate memory usage of the various data structures
Figure 4-2. Approximate execution time of simulation for various data structures
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