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What If I Have a Question?
You will find many experienced peers on the Cocos2d Forum, so use it freely to ask questions when encountering
problems. Be sure to read the forum rules first before posting. The No.1 rule is to search before posting.
Also try to find answers from Stackoverflow, Google, and Google+ first. If you have no luck there, you can post
your question on the forum.
Cocos2d-html5 is a 2D game framework for developing multi-platform games that span rapid prototyping to finished
high-performance games with a complete toolchain. It helps to try out ideas as you think of them and test them as
soon as possible.
This chapter provides a quick introduction to Cocos2d-html5 and what it is all about. I hope that with this
introduction, along with the examples found in this chapter, you have learned enough about the structure of a basic
Cocos2d-html5 game and how to use the framework to implement your ideas quickly.
This is the final chapter of the topic, and you have learned much about both JavaScript and programming. Now
it is time to use what you have learned to optimize your Cocos2d-html5 game, making it awesome and running your
code on the Web without a plug-in, on both iOS and Android devices via Cocos2d JSB.
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