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As Figure 24-23 shows, the src and res directories are embedded as defaults.
The final step of porting a project is to run and test it. Thanks to the API's compatibility, this step is not very
Build and run the project, and check to see if there are any errors in the log panel. Test the game, and verify that
every function is working the same way in the browser.
Figure 24-24 shows the Hybrid Project screen for iOS.
Figure 24-24. Hybrid Project screen for iOS
The game will be run on the iOS devices or simulators without code modification.
For android, you can download the eclipse adt bundle from the google adt homepage at http://developer. . or you can install eclipse with Java, adt, and the Cdt plug-ins. you also need to
install and set up android ndK. refer to for further details.
there is a user's guide for android development setup. it is automatically generated when you create a new
project. the path is
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