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TargetedTouchDelegate supports priority: the lower the value of the priority, the earlier
it is to get the event. StandardTouchDelegate doesn't support priority.
TargetedTouchDelegeate can swallow touch events and prevent dispatching it to a
low-priority one. You can set your priority and swallowsTouches parameters when
you register your touch delegate with cc.registerTargetedDelegate(priority,
swallowsTouches, delegate) .
Introduction to the Directory Structure
The latest Cocos2d-html5 release package at the time of this writing (v2.2.2) contains the engine core module,
extension modules, external libraries, samples, and templates. It doesn't contain the Cocos2d JSB files, and you have
to download the corresponding Cocosd-x package when you want to publish Cocos2d JSB applications.
The Cocos2d-x team is working on a Cocos2d-js project that includes both the Cocos2d-html5 and Cocos2d JSB.
The Cocos2d-js v3.0 alpha will be released in March 2014. For more information about Cocos2d-js, visit .
The directory structure is illustrated in Figure 24-5 . It contains eight folders and four files.
Figure 24-5. Directory structure
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