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The API of Cocos2d is clearly defined, and it is easy to learn and use. All of the APIs in the Cocos2d family share
the same root and style. If you know the core concepts, you can easily switch to another Cocos2d-like framework.
Another reason behind its popularity is the active Cocos2d community. The community is an amazing place for
tutorials and articles about Cocos2d, and people in the community are willing to share their experience with you.
A dedicated, full-time team maintains Cocos2d and releases a new version every six weeks. ChuKong, one of the
gaming industry giants in China, financially backs Cocos2d.
Moreover, there are abundant tools for Cocos2d game development, such as CocoStudio, Particle Designer,
Spine, Animation Editor, Font Editor, TileMap Editor, TexturePacker, Physics Editor, and so on. Most of them are free
or open source.
Finally, Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d-html5 support cross-platform development, so you can deploy games to the
most popular platforms without code modification.
What Sets Cocos2d Apart from Other Similar Frameworks?
Compared to other game frameworks, Cocos2d-x is superior because it is open source, free-of-charge, user-friendly,
and provides multi-platform support. Cocos2d makes 2D game programming easier and faster. It clarifies the key
components of 2D game programming with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use API, which makes it an outstanding
framework compared to others. If you google “Cocos2d,” you will find that the community is very large, active, and
developer-friendly. These key points set Cocos2d apart from other similar frameworks.
What Is Cocos2d-html5?
Cocos2d-html5 is an open-source 2D web game framework, released under a generous MIT License
( ). It is the HTML5 version of Cocos2d-x. The focus of Cocos2d-html5
development is bridging Cocos2d between browsers and native applications. On top of the framework provided by
Cocos2d-html5, one can write games in JavaScript and have the game run on browsers that support HTML5. The
API is completely compatible with that of Cocos2d-x JSB. Thus Cocos2d-html5 games can run using Cocos2d JSB on
Cocos2d-x without or with very little modification.
Why Was Cocos2d-html5 Created?
Although Cocos2d-x is a cross-platform game framework, it is not accessible to browsers. Cocos2d-html5 was created
to embrace HTML5, allowing applications and games created with it to run natively in browsers. It brings an easy-to-
learn, easy-to-use API style to the HTML5 gaming world.
What Are the Main Differences in Cocos2d and Cocos2d-html5?
Cocos2d is designed for desktop and mobile platforms, while Cocos2d-html5 is designed for HTML5-ready browsers
and web apps. Moreover, Cocos2d-html5 supports desktop and mobile platforms via the Cocos2d JSB, and it brings
with it the hybrid app online updating feature.
It is becoming more and more feasible to develop and debug games on browsers. Browsers, such as Chrome,
provide you with many useful debugging and profiling tools. After finishing your game on the Web, you can quickly
port it to iOS or Android via Cocos2d JSB.
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