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Figure 23-10. Here, you can see that connect is starting the web server at and port 8080;
your specific Internet protocol (IP) address may be slightly different
This tells you that you have a server running at localhost on port 8080. Open your browser, and enter
http://localhost:8080 . You should now see your Hello World page, as illustrated in Figure 23-11 .
Figure 23-11. You should now see the Hello World page when you go to http://localhost:8080
As you can see, it's incredibly easy to sett up a server and host a file with Grunteasy. If you have ever had to install
and configure Apache, you will appreciate how simple this is. Of course, the server is really basic. It's not running PHP
or anything else, but merely hosting the page. For most HTML5 games, this is all you need to do your local testing.
Now, let's stop the server. Go back to the command prompt, and press Ctrl+C. This will end the server.
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