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Figure 23-2. Make sure to install all the default features so that Node.js works properly for your build script project
There is one important thing to note if you are on Windows. I am not a big fan of the command prompt on
Windows, because I come from a Linux background. That being said, I have had great success with Git Bash, which
comes installed with Git. You can get them both from . If you want to use a Bash command line
for Node.js on Windows, it is critical that you install Git Bash before Node.js .
Once you start the installation process, there are two things that you will want to make sure to configure. The first
is Windows Explorer integration, which you will enable with the Git Bash Here option, as demonstrated in Figure 23-3 .
Figure 23-3. Make sure to add the Git Bash Here option when installing Git Bash
This allows you to right-click any folder and open Git Bash in that directory. This saves you a bit of time, as
opposed to trying to find it via the command line. Next, you must adjust the PATH environment by selecting the Use
Git Bash only option, as shown in Figure 23-4 .
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