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Figure 15-13. A shortcut to our demo has been added to the homescreen
What you have here is a glorified bookmark that will allow users to launch your game directly and without any
browser chrome surrounding it. Firefox OS went a different route and does not have a declarative way to achieve
the same thing; instead it requires a manifest file. This approach is a little bit more complex and is geared toward
publishing on the Firefox Marketplace rather than providing a way to add shortcuts for public-facing web games to
users devices.
You should also specify the icon to be used. iOS and Android do not use the same naming, nor do they recommend
the same sizes, as you can see here:
<link rel="shortcut icon" sizes="196x196" href="android-hires.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="76x76" href="ipad.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="120x120" href="iphone-retina.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="152x152" href="ipad-retina.png">
Android will use the largest shortcut icon available while iOS will pick the apple-touch-icon whose size is
recommended for the device.
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