HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 14-2. Setting a trap
To make the game, baseline requirements were necessary:
Parallax scrolling (horizontal and vertical)
Up to 50 moving items on the screen at any one time
Large graphics
A simple physics engine
Multichannel audio
Reach as many users as possible
Performance Testing
Before doing any coding on the project, we ran through a process of performance testing on all our target devices as
well as some periphery ones. This allowed us to compare our requirements against capabilities across the board in
order to get a general feel for device performance as well as investigate the specific requirements for the game.
Other benchmarking systems are available, but we needed specifically to test different methods of representing
graphics, and so a simple bespoke test suite was scripted. The suite looked at Canvas, image elements, div elements,
CSS3 animation, and background div s and then tested with scaling for each.
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