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Figure 13-7. Effect of design and development on supported devices using cloud computing
The upside of this technique is that you can serve up pixel-perfect images for your games; the downside is the
extra overhead involved in doing so.
The truth is that resolution fragmentation is not going away anytime soon; if anything, it is just going to get worse
as consumers take advantage of the boom in form factors to experience your content. In the end, when players
experience your content, they expect it to work on their device 100 percent of the time with 100 percent of the best
gameplay experience possible.
There's no single solution to this problem. Savvy developers will be able to select from the solutions covered in
this chapter to fit the needs of their particular games. Most important is that you understand the issues with resolution
fragmentation and are continually testing against a host of resolutions in order to give users the best possible outcome.
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