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strokes are available as a drop-down list on the Infobar
when the you use the Freehand and Brush Tool. Natural
media strokes consist of an elaborately designed group
of shapes, as do Novelty strokes—you're actually
stroking a path with other (closed) paths. Natural media
strokes have a default color that you can change by
clicking the color line after making a stroke. You can
also modify a Natural media stroked path by using
Stroke Shapes/Pressure Profiles. For example, you can
draw a Chalk stroked path and then apply an additional
Bow Tie or Concave profile to the stroke.
You want to pay attention to the outline width when using any of the Line gallery presets. If,
for example, you apply the Wedges Novelty stroke to a path but don't see anything, the outline
width is probably too narrow. In general, you'll work with the Novelty and Natural media strokes
most effectively at 36-point outline width and larger.
This collection consists of elaborately
designed graphics; they're simply more whimsical in
content than the Natural media. For all intents, Novelty
strokes behave the same way as Natural media.
Stroke Shapes/Pressure Profiles
This category can
only modify Natural media and Novelty strokes, but
you can also apply them “straight,” with no other preset
applied. As a Stroke Shapes/Pressure Profiles preset
travels along a path, the contour width of the path
changes. You can achieve the look of a felt tip pen and
even some media yet to be invented with these presets.
Dash patterns
These are ideal for creating road maps,
coupons, and technical diagrams.
You have both heads and tails at your
disposal from this folder. If you find your arrow is
pointing in the wrong direction, remember to use the
Reverse Paths button on the Infobar when the Shape
Editor Tool is chosen—the same is true when using
Stroke Shapes/Pressure Profiles.
Creating Your Own Brush Stroke
After this tutorial, you'll be inspired to build several brushes
on your own. Consider the real world objects that are randomly
peppered around: rocks, coins, even the texture of objects
lumped in a pile.
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