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Precision Control Point Placement
If you're designing a machine part or just need a perfect pattern edge for a card, Xara offers
hands-off controls on the Infobar when the Shape Editor is chosen and you've selected
some control points along a path. For example, say you need a sawtooth pattern from left
to right whose control points are perfectly spaced at 1-inch increments. You create a line
(any drawing tool will work), using a guideline, and then click several times with the Shape
Editor Tool to approximate where you need the points of the sawtooth design. If you are still
using the Shape Editor Tool, click the Make Line button to ensure straight-line points with
no handles. Click the second control point, and then, in the top middle field (the X field)
on the Infobar, type 2in and press ENTER .
The control point moves to an absolute distance
of 2 inches by the page's measure. Do the same for the other points (type measurements of
3in, 4in, etc); the process is shown in Figure 3-1. Then hold SHIFT , click every other point,
and use the Nudge feature, pressing the DOWN ARROW key until your perfect sawtooth design
displays the appropriate amount of toothiness. You also have fields for setting line length
and angle if your design has straight-line path segments, and you can even precisely position
curve handles when path segments are curved.
Previous control point
Control point
Next control point
Use the Infobar fields
to accurately position and space
control points, line lengths, and
curve handles.
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