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you seek to justify setting the color line behavior this way:
many of the Xara Grand Masters use a right-click to set outline
color—it's fast and one less shortcut to remember. It's up to
you, the way you want to work and possibly a drawing program
convention you're already familiar with.
The Delete Unused Colors When Saving And Loading
option is important to consider. With this box checked, the next
time you reopen a drawing, only colors used in your artwork
will appear as swatches on the color line. This means any really
neat color you might have created but didn't use in your design
is gone. With this bo x un checked, all new colors, whether
they're in your design or not, appear on the color line. The
downside to using this preference is that your color line will
soon become quite crowded.
Page Size Options
On the Page Size tab, you'll find everything as you'd expect
in a desktop publishing or other design program. You have the
Paper Size drop-down list that provides you with a good working
supply of standard U.S. and international paper sizes as well as
sizes for Web pages. If you need a specific size, particularly if
you're going to use this size often, type the Width and Height
values in the appropriate fields. If the unit of measurement from
Units makes calculating your ideal page size difficult, type the
abbreviation for the unit after the value in the boxes (don't use
spaces). For example, an 11in width results in an 11-inch wide
page even though the Width field initially offers 1024pix. In
the future, you will not access your custom page size from the
Page option; instead, save this (blank) document via File | Save
Template and then use the File | New menu to open a copy of the
page. Additionally, you have options for creating outer margins
commonly used for margin (or pasteboard) around the page.
Bleed Margin shows the margin the color would bleed off the
page edge. You might use it for magazine artwork (when the art
bleeds edge to edge, but the presses need a margin for gripping
the physical sheet and trimming it to bleed). You can also specify
a double-page spread so you can easily visualize how art might
span a spread in a physical publication.
Other Options
Some options not previously covered have to do with building
animations and previewing them, as well as previewing Web
pages and controlling how Xara taps into your system resources.
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