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N Correct answer ) Remember where this setting is, and
type an appropriate value in the box whenever you need
to work with both vectors and bitmaps for print.
If you're only doing work for the screen and the Web, 96dpi
is fine and you won't have to change this preference.
The next three options on the list are relevant to building Web
graphics (covered in Chapter 10). If you choose Resize Large
Imported Photos Down To ___Pixels, you'll never bring in an
image any larger than that—Xara auto-scales a copy of the
image. This is fine for Web work, but not accurate or desired
for print and other high-quality design work. By choosing
Import All Photos At 96dpi , you're assured that all images
you bring in match screen and Web resolution, and you won't
have to manually adjust the size or resolution of the imported
piece. However, this is not such a good idea if you're designing
pieces for print: although Xara doesn't change the resolution
of a copy of the bitmap, resolution is inversely proportional to
the size (usually measured in inches) of a bitmap. For example,
if you have an image that's 8 ½ by 11 inches at 300ppi, Xara
will import the photo to 96ppi, thus increasing its height and
width by more than 300%. The result is that the photo doesn't
fit on a standard drawing page—an inconvenience, but an
inconvenience you don't have to live with. If you choose Import
At DPI Specified In The Image File, image file formats that
contain resolution information (TIFF, PSD, PDF, JPEG, and
occasionally PNG) will import exactly as the image was created
or photographed, in scale and resolution. Common and older
file formats such as BMP, GIF, and others will import at 96ppi
regardless of your View settings because these file formats don't
have the structure to handle resolution information.
The Color Section
You can choose from sizes at which the color line is displayed.
Medium With Scroll Bar is fine for 1024s768 displays and
slightly higher; you might want to choose Large if you're
running Xara on a notebook. Choose Edit Local Colors In HSV
color model so that every time you need to create or adjust a
color by using the Color Editor, you'll go to work in HSV and
not RGB or CMYK.
Right-click On Color allows you to specify a right-click
action to choose a selected object's outline color, or to show
a context menu. The menu might not include enough options
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