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The View tab in Options provides a lot of preferences for setting
how bitmap images in Xara appear and are written. Also, you
can set visibility options for interactive screen feedback—
creating and editing with immediate feedback is one of the
unique powers of Xara, and there's really no need to disable this
power with today's processors.
Affects dynamic objects
when simplified
Affects view only
Reads image resolution
Quickest for
Removes colors on
closing document
Display and Dithering
At top, the Window options are to show or not show a progress
bar. The progress bar in Xara appears at the bottom left of
the interface, but with the exception of exporting artwork to a
40MB TIFF image, you probably won't notice the progress bar.
Xara Xtreme is a very fast application, even on older machines.
Leave Interactive Fill Dragging enabled. When you drag on a
selected object with the Fill Tool to create and edit gradient fills,
updates onscreen are immediate, and this feedback is usually a
good thing. If you're used to a drawing program that does not
update fills until you release the mouse button, you can uncheck
this box.
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