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Open seamless tile.xar; part of the work has been done for
you. The background green pattern tiles seamlessly; it's your
background for your assignment, and it's precisely 512 by 512
pixels. Follow these steps to create a seamless tiling pattern
from the leaf shapes, or draw a shape or two of your own:
Move the large grouped flower anywhere until it falls
off part of the edge of the underlying square; this is the
key to making nudge distance work for you in pattern
Open the Options box, and then type
512pix in the
Nudge Size field; close the Options box.
CTRL - K to put a copy of the large flower directly on
top of the original.
Use your keyboard arrow keys to reposition the copy of
the flower in the opposite direction from where it falls
off the square. If it falls off the right side, nudge the
copy one arrow-stroke left. If it falls off the top, offset
the copy by nudging it to the bottom. Figure 2-3 shows
where the duplicates lie in one of many possible pattern
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