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CTRL - A (select all) and then press BACKSPACE or DELETE to
remove the illustration from the document now. You can
also simply open the document ( CTRL - O ) and the colors
will appear on the color line.
Check out the color line. Click the Color gallery; as
shown in Figure 2-1, all the colors are named in the color
palette.xar folder. If you hover your cursor over the color
line, the names of the colors appear as tool tips.
Before saving this document, if you disapprove of any of
the swatches, click an unappealing one in the Color gallery
and then click Delete at the top of the Color gallery.
Choose File | Save Template. In the Save Template
dialog box, name the file, and (optionally) check the
Use As Default Template box. If you do this, every time
you launch Xara and every time you press CTRL - N or
choose File | New, your template document and its saved
colors open as a new file.
F IGURE 2-1 When you take the
time to name colors, they can be
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