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an Illustrator file shows named colors and not RGB
values when you hover your cursor over the color line.
Because Xtreme version 5 supports color matching
between Xara documents, you'll get an attention box
asking if you want to match colors. Click Match and,
depending on the number of named colors, they will
appear in a moment or two.
The ACO and PAL files in the zip archive can be copied to your Xara Palettes folder so these
author-created palettes will be available for you to use in any document in the future.
Naming and Importing Colors
PAL and ACO files are shown both in the Color gallery and
on the color line tagged only by their RGB values, without
user-friendly names such as Dusty Rose or Midnight Blue.
Fortunately, you can manually name and save a color, and you
can import a Xara document that contains named colors—and
save the document as a template for using a color set on
the color line any time you like. Put color palette.xar in a
convenient location (the Desktop is good), and follow these
steps for importing and saving a nicely arranged, properly
named designer set of color swatches:
Launch Xara Xtreme and then click the Minimize/
Restore button so you can drag a document into the
drawing window.
Choose Options before proceeding; use the
shortcut or (even shorter) click the Options button you
learned how to add to the Toolbar earlier in this chapter.
Click View, and then
un check Delete Unused Colors
When Saving And Loading. The color line can become
overly crowded if you save all colors whether they're
used in your drawings or not. However, you need to
uncheck this box when you're creating and saving
colors. Click OK to close the Options box.
Drag color palette.xar file into the window (or
alternately, choose File | Open and navigate to the file).
Several things have happened. You don't need to have
a drawing in a Xara document to import named colors;
the drawing of the palette is for you to examine in your
spare time to see how it was designed. You can press
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