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and you can access it more quickly on a floating Toolbar
than through the Arrange menu.
You can uncheck the Toolbar entry on the Control Bars
box now, and close the box. You now have a floating
control bar (which you can dock and undock at the top,
right, or bottom of the interface), easy to position close
to where you are working.
Keep the control bars and the Button Palette onscreen for
the following section; an invaluable customization is coming up.
Adding a Control Bar to Your Workspace
You'll find several operations—such as subtracting a top shape
from a bottom shape—indispensable for editing shapes. You can
access them via the Arrange menu and by keyboard shortcuts,
but it's much more convenient to put the Arrange Control bar
above the Standard bar. To do this:
Scroll down the palette list in the Control Bars box until
you locate Arrange.
Put a check in the box.
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