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Banner Envelope
Converted to editable shape
70% opaque duplicate,
no contour
F IGURE 13-2 Use the Mould Tool
to artistically fit a group of shapes
around other shapes.
Wrapping the Label Around
the Can in a Photo
A few brief steps are in order to finish the label design; the
phrase “Chicken Noodle” needs to be added to the design to
let the customer know what type of soup is in the can. Also the
word “soup” is a great clarifier when the product is on store
A nice typeface with some character is Megaton,
MEGATON_.TTF (Megaton is based on the Metropolis
typeface). It came with Xara in the TrueType folder and works
for the word “SOUP.” Type the text toward the bottom of the
can (leaving space for “Chicken Noodle”)—gold text with a
black drop shadow helps separate the text from the red color
field. Microbus, MICRO___.TTF, is based on Microgramma,
and its squat characters make it easy to type “CHICKEN
NOODLE” on two centered lines above “SOUP.” Use white and
use the CAPS LOCK key—Microbus has no lowercase characters.
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