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Publishing or Uploading Your Site
You have two choices to upload the website now and go live.
You can use Xara's built-in Publish Website feature.
You can use a third-party standalone FTP program.
Publishing a website by using Xara's Publish feature is
easy, but one or two pitfalls exist for the inexperienced web
manager. Using a third-party program FTP program takes a few
more steps, but offers much more control over which files are
uploaded and where they are uploaded.
Xara's FTP publishing settings are global settings; they
are not unique to each Xara file. This means that the settings
apply to every page you publish from Xara Xtreme every time
you publish to the Web from Xara. The Publish module was
designed for personal use and makes the assumption that you
are going to upload your site, not for a possible client of yours.
If this is what you intend, Xara's Publish feature works as
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