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line, but before the next pound sign remarked text
(comments in HTML code such as this are ignored by
Xara's editor and web browsers).
Select the video placeholder in the upper-left
corner—not the photo, but the dashed yellow outline.
SHIFT -click the Set 'No Color' swatch to the left of the
Color Line so the placeholder is invisible. The photos
will not appear on your page; they're merely a visual
reference—YouTube producers determine the start
screen for uploaded videos.
Click the Placeholder button, click the Replace With
HTML Code button, insert your cursor in the text field,
and then paste the Clipboard code. Click Apply.
Repeat steps 1-3 to create links for the placeholders for
the third and fourth videos, but not the upper right.
Use a Widget to Play a Video
Many web designers add a JavaScript widget to play a video
locally—the FLV movie is stored on your provider's server
and a widget such as the JW Player handles the playback. The
JW Player can also play MP3 files and other content, so this
widget is worth a little discussion here; Xara does not play back
content other than graphics, text, and GIF and Flash animations.
Download the JW FLV Player. It is free for non-commercial
use, and under $50 for a commercial license.
If you're wondering how on earth you create a movie in FLV file format, you begin with an
AVI, QuickTime, or other standard movie file. FLV is a Flash video, unlike a Flash Shockwave
file (SWF) that Xara Xtreme can write. offers a converter to turn AVI,
QuickTime, and WMV movies to FLV file format. It's about $30 U.S. and the trial version lets you make
a few FLVs for free before it times out.
Here is how you deploy the JW FLV Player on the site you
build in Xara:
Directions are provided for installing the JW FLV Player
in the files you download from www.longtailvideo.
After you've published your website (covered at the
end of this chapter), you put yt.swf, swfobject.js, and
player-viral.swf files in the index_html_files folder that
contains the files for the Xara-created site. Also put the
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