Graphics Programs Reference
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With the MouseOver layer selected on the Object
Gallery (it should be highlighted with the black dot to
the right of the title), click New. A new layer appears
and its title is open for you to type in a unique name.
Type MouseDown exactly as you see it here, in “camel
case” text.
Select either the original button and its text, or the
duplicate, and then press CTRL - K .
Press any
ARROW key to move the button into visibility
on the page. Then drag the text and button shape titles
up to the MouseDown layer title on the Object Gallery.
Give the button on the MouseDown layer a unique color
or effect such as the Shadow Tool's Glow.
Select and then nudge the MouseDown button and text
back to precisely over the MouseOff layer's contents,
and then do the same with the MouseOver layer's
contents so you see only one button.
Select all (
CTRL - A ) and then choose Arrange | Apply Soft
Group. You might want to commit to memory CTRL -
ALT - G , the keyboard shortcut for this command. Soft
grouping is a new feature in Xara that groups objects on
different layers but keeps them on their original layers.
Hide the MouseDown and MouseOver layers to work
with a better preview of the graphic.
Copy the soft-grouped button to the index page of the
Banger's site. Save the website document and keep it
open; you can save but close the button rollover file.
You can delete the button now; it was an exercise and you
have finished buttons in the Resources folder.
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