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click the white swatch on
the Color Line, and then
press CTRL - X to cut it to
the Clipboard.
Click to create a text
insertion point below
the GIF animation
placeholder, and then
press CTRL - V . With
the Selector Tool,
reposition the text if
necessary. You'll see
when you preview the
page that the text and graphics are positioned 99%
accurately compared to your layout. HTML is tricky
and nonintuitive; you might need to adjust the text
occasionally so it is positioned correctly in Web Preview
but looks a little off in the Xara document.
Perform steps 4 and 5 with the text for the personnel in
the band. Make it white and place it directly below the
headline. You'll add a Flash animation below it shortly.
Finally, the remaining text is a dynamic area of BSL's
website: a blog that needs updating several times a week.
Therefore, this needs to be editable text, so you must
use a web-safe font. Part of the beauty of the Repel Text
feature is that not only can you fit text in a casual style
into a layout, but Xara also writes the text in its repelled
position to a web page . So let's do this: Select the text
and then cut it to the Clipboard ( CTRL - X ). With the Text
Tool, drag a text frame at the upper left of the page,
somewhat overlapping the guitar's neck. Press CTRL - V
to paste the text, and then press CTRL - A to select all and
apply white to the text.
With the Selector Tool, select
the guitar, and then press
CTRL - F to put it to the front of
the layer.
Right-click over the guitar,
and then choose Repel Text
Under from the pop-up menu.
Type 9pix in the Extra Repel
Margin field and then click
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