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the ball shapes—if you
rotated all the shapes
as a group, the shadow
would rotate, and
Click Copy on the
Frame Gallery, and
then repeat steps 5
and 6 to move the ball
and shadow to a new
location and rotate the
ball only. Do this about
five times or until the
amusement wears thin. Because this will become a
Flash vector movie, the saved Flash file size has little
bearing on how many frames are in the animation.
Click Copy and then move the ball to the corner
pocket. Move the shadow, too; it's time to conclude the
Click Copy.
SHIFT -click the ball and the shadow. Hold
SHIFT and drag a corner selection handle toward the
center of the selections until the Infobar reports that the
group is about 70% of its original size; then release.
Click Copy. Move the selected group up and left until
they disappear behind the cushion and wood railing.
A lot of the magic you'll soon see is due to careful
planning of object order on the page—the railing is a top
object, above the ball on the page, so it's a convenient
way to make the ball disappear.
It's time to preview the animation and, if it looks good,
export it to Flash file format.
Click the Preview Flash Animation In Browser button
on the Infobar.
Your default web browser is called, it pops up, and
you can see the animation. This file is being played
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