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when finished if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader or
other 3rd party reader installed (or nothing will happen;
there's no native Windows program to open a PDF).
Click the Objects tab. Bitmap Compression can stay
at its default of Native; choose None if you're nervous
about bitmap quality and don't mind larger files. Certain
objects in the burger layout cannot be expressed as
Xara vector art when exported to a PDF page; feathered
objects and transparency call for rendering the object
as a bitmap. Therefore, you want to make any bitmap
areas of high printing quality, so leave the Rasterization
Resolution at its default of 300 dpi.
In your free time, browse the other tabs: Security
settings will only result in accidentally locking your
commercial printer out of the document, and the other
settings aren't relevant to simply pulling a PDF for
commercial printing. Click Export, and in a moment
you'll see your work as a PDF. Figure 9-5 shows the
dialog boxes you'll see when you export.
F IGURE 9-5 Exporting to PDF file
format creates a copy of your work
that can be edited later to a minor
extent and imported back to Xara, and
can serve both commercial printing
and online documentation purposes.
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