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Export to PDF for Commercial Printing
It would be criminal to conclude a chapter on desktop
publishing without the publishing part. Unlike even a decade
ago, getting your layouts to a commercial printer does not
involve making your own separations (although you can with
Xara), deciding on a color space, and remembering to include
your fonts with the job lest your layout come back printed in
Courier New.
The PDF file format has been almost universally embraced
by commercial printers today; it's almost 100% goof-proof
( bullet-proof in printing “pre-flight” lingo) and Xara will embed
(when a font is coded to permit it) a subset of the typeface,
the characters used, so there are no font files you can forget to
To export your work, specifically a page layout, to PDF file
CTRL - SHIFT - E to export the file.
Choose PDF or PDF/X (*.PDF) from the Save As Type
drop-down list. Name the file in the File Name box and
click Export.
In the Xara Xtreme PDF Preset dialog box, you have
your choice of High Quality or Commercial Printing if
you want to send this layout to a commercial printer. If
you choose Commercial Printing, you'll be exporting
to PDF/X, which is a highly optimized and proprietary
sort of PDF file. All fonts will be embedded; however,
the file format presumes your work is all set to go in
CMYK mode. These examples are not , and therefore
this is not the best export option unless you thoroughly
know the physical printing characteristics of the print
press that will render this job. A better choice for the
beginner is High Quality. Color mode is maintained
with this option, and a good commercial printer knows
how to do RGB-to-CMYK color conversions for you so
the print will look its best. Click High Quality, and then
click Advanced Options.
In the Advanced Options box, on the General tab, make
sure Embed Fonts When Permitted and Font Subset
Only are checked. Optimized For Fast Web Viewing is
not necessary unless you want to use this layout for both
the Web and commercial printing. Check View PDF
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