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Finishing the Booklet
You've done some work here, however, consider how many
parts of this booklet you can reuse in future assignments. You
have a template, and you can easily copy the formatting of the
text and then use the Paste Attributes command to do a jiffy
format of similar text.
What remains is to create a new linked paragraph frame for
the remainder of the text, format it, and rotate it until it's in the
correct orientation for page 4 at top right.
With the Text Tool, click the red arrow on the lower-
F IGURE 9-3 Turn the page upside-
down so when you fold the menu, it
will read right side up.
right paragraph frame, and then marquee-drag an area to
its right, on the page's pasteboard area.
Format the text by copying and
pasting the already formatted
attributes, exactly as you did
while building page 3.
With the Selector Tool, drag the
paragraph frame to the top right
of the page.
Click the selected frame to
put it into Rotate/Skew mode.
Alternatively, if you're very
careful, you can put your cursor
just inside the object's selection
handles to rotate it. Hold CTRL
and then drag the handle until
the text block is upside-down,
as shown in Figure 9-3.
If your restaurant accepts credit
cards, credit cards.xar contains
scalable vector reproductions
of The Big Three in the United
States. Copy and scale them,
and put them at a small size in a
conspicuous place in the layout.
These guys are hard to find and
are a gift to our readers; use
them to your benefit in future
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