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button on the Infobar to set the text apart from the
columns of menu items, which will be justified flush left.
Choose Century Gothic from the Fonts drop-down list.
Highlight the “Welcome! Benvenuto! ¡Recepción!” text
and then assign it about 30 points in font size. While it's
highlighted, give it a 70 or 80% black fill by clicking
the swatch on the Color Line. This softens the text for
the reader, making a “cold” typeface a little warmer
in the message's presentation.
Highlight the blurb after the headline text. Drag down
on a bottom corner of the text box if needed to make
all the text visible. Click the Italic property button to
suggest someone is talking to the reader. Softly. Give
this highlighted text 10 points in font size. Usually,
10 points is on the small size, especially for older readers,
but Century Gothic is a sans serif typeface, making it
acceptable at small point sizes.
With the text highlighted, increase its line spacing
( leading ) to 110% of the typeface's size from the default
of 100% (adding a little air
without significantly increasing
the header's overall size) by
clicking the up arrow next to
the value field on the Infobar.
Because there is a hard return
Line Spacing
Space Before/After Paragraph
between the headline and the
blurb (it was put there in the
RTF file), Xara treats each
section as a paragraph. This
means you can add a space
between the headline and the
blurb by adding space after
the first paragraph. Highlight
the whole paragraph frame by
pressing CTRL - A while the Text
cursor is in the frame. Type 0
in the Space Before Paragraph
to remove any previous
formatting, type 6 in the Space
After Paragraph field, and
then press ENTER .
Highlight; then cut
text from here
Marquee-drag a new paragraph
frame; then paste here
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