Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
format text—a long misspelled word
replaced with the shorter correct one
can cause a line break where you
don't want it in a paragraph.
Using Fonts and
Font Sizes
To be fair, you were given a worst-
case scenario in this chapter; a
thoughtful copywriter could have
formatted the text with the necessary
fonts, font sizes, and you'd be home
by now. Let's get real, and get to
work with Xtreme's DTP features; often, you're lucky you
didn't get the text for an assignment handwritten on a brown
paper bag, right?
It's time to pull the headline for the booklet spread out of
the menu part of the imported text and apply a better typeface
than Arial to the menu.
All the text before the subhead “Sandwiches” is
introductory text. It doesn't belong in the body of the
menu, and because this booklet is folded, straddling
the facing pages 2 and 3 with the text is no problem.
Put your Text Tool in front of “Sandwiches” and then
SHIFT -click in front of the word “Welcome!” to highlight
(select) the top text section (click and SHIFT -click as a
quick method to select a block of text between the two
clicks); then press CTRL - X .
Switch to the Selector Tool and move the paragraph
block down to accommodate space needed for the new
text above it. Press ESC or click on an empty space to
deselect all items.
Back to the Text Tool. Create a headline area across both
pages by marquee-dragging the cursor to make a new
paragraph frame. Press CTRL - V to paste the text into the
Anyone who is running Windows XP has a nice sans
serif family of typefaces called Century Gothic (similar
to Avant Garde in look) already installed, and let's use
it for its clean look here. Press CTRL - A to select all the
text within the paragraph frame; click the Center Justify
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