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Put the Text Tool cursor in the imported text, click, and
then press CTRL - A to select all. Now press CTRL - X to cut
the text.
With the Text Tool, click your cursor inside the green
outline paragraph text frame; the four corners of the
frame light up in red and the border becomes a dashed
outline. Press CTRL - V to paste the text.
Your view has apparently gone to Mars; Xara is
tracking the pasted text to the very last paragraph line.
Fortunately, all you need to do to return to the view
of the page is choose Document from the Set Zoom
Factor box on the Standard Bar. Note that the text that
overflows the frame is dimmed to a light gray. Save the
file again, and the next stop is some heavy-duty DTP
text formatting.
Performing Spel-Chekking
New to Xtreme 5 is a built-in multilingual spell checker: use it
regardless of who promised you that the copy you were given
was proofed. It takes very little time to do a second proof.
To run spell checking as you type, click the ABC button on
the Infobar when the Text Tool is active. Select the language
that applies to the language in your text and click to toggle on
the Check Spelling As You Type option. Whether you type or
import text, the checking utility underscores in red any word it
doesn't recognize. You then have the option to replace the word,
ignore it, or add it to your personal dictionary.
You do not have the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary,
475th Edition, under the hood in Xara Xtreme, and you'll
undoubtedly run into false flags, particularly with proper names
and regional phrases—and spell checking doesn't guard against
grammar errors. Homonyms can be troublesome, and no spell
checker on Earth will flag you if you type “Their is going to be
some fun tonight” or “They're is going to be …”
If you spell-check the imported text, you'll notice the checker
will flag “Wi-Fi,” a few other regional spellings, and “Provolone.”
Provolone is spelled and capitalized properly, but Xara's spell
checker has an incomplete list of imported cheeses. The remedy
is a simple one: you right-click over an underscored word and
then choose Add To User Dictionary from the pop-up menu. If a
word is indeed misspelled, you choose the correct one from the
possible suggestions on the pop-up list and Xara auto-corrects
the word in place. This is why you should spell-check before you
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