Graphics Programs Reference
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Xara for a project. If you anticipate that the design you submit
will never need significant revisions and will only be used at one
set of dimensions—such as a photo you retouch—you might be
safe to use a bitmap editing program. bitmap program. However,
one of the beauties of designing with vectors is that your efforts
never result in a set piece; you can scale individual shapes larger
or smaller, move shapes (and groups of shapes), in general, and
perform significant alterations to the composition of objects in
seconds with vector designs.
Figure 1-1 demonstrates a perennial problem with bitmap-
based designs, in this example, a detailed illustration of a
watermelon. Clearly, a bitmap paint program was the wrong
choice of applications when the recipient returns and wants a
Original bitmap
Bitmap designs have
a finite number of pixels. To make
the design larger, pixels are added,
and the design details diminish in
visual importance.
Scaled bitmap, pixels are visible
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