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With the Shape Editor Tool, click at the intersection of
Create arcs from the
contour circles to use as text paths.
the outside circle and the X guide you drew in step 6.
After the control point has been created, right-click and
then choose Break At Points from the pop-up menu or
click the Break At Points button on the Infobar. Now
click to add a control point on the opposite side, on the
opposite intersection. Click the Break At Points button.
Repeat step 9 with the other two circles. When you have
created the breaks as shown in Figure 8-4, switch to the
Selector Tool and delete the top arcs and then the very
bottom middle arc. Consider coloring the two remaining
bottom arcs a different color for reference. You can hold
and click orange on the Color Line, for example,
to color the outline. You'll use these two lines fit text to.
Don't delete the six left and right arcs—you'll use them
as a logo embellishment.
Work with Text Fitted to a Curve
In the following steps, you can copy the text and then paste it
onto the arcs with the Text Tool selected, or type any description
of the night club you like. Here's how to add that snappy slogan
beneath the mug:
Copy the first line of text, or if you have a better slogan,
proceed to step 2.
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