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Baseline Shift
The bottoms of characters sit on an
imaginary line called the baseline. The Baseline Shift
feature moves characters you've highlighted above
or below their native baseline. This feature is usually
used to fine-tune the alignment of a bullet or symbol—
especially if the symbol is a different size than the
surrounding text.
This feature adjusts the spacing between
two characters. Headline text often benefits from the
application of kerning rather than tracking. A classic
example of a word in need of kerning is HAWAII, where
there is too much space on either side of the W and not
enough between the I s.
Space Before Paragraph, Space After
Paragraph This feature is covered in Chapter 9; its
real use is with paragraph text and it's not effective with
normally entered text. Inter-paragraph spacing is created
to the value you choose whenever there is a hard return
in your text—where you've pressed ENTER at the end of
a literary thought or a list of items. Paragraph spacing is
often used instead of indenting the first line in paragraph
text. Professional publishing etiquette states that you use
paragraph spacing or first line indents, but not both.
Spell Checker
Covered in Chapter 9. If you select
the Check Spelling As You Type option from the Spell
Checker button, you'll see the standard word processor-
type red-squiggle underline below a questionable word.
Web Safe and recently used fonts
On the font menu
list, note the horizontal bar toward the top of the list.
Above the bar you'll find typefaces you've recently used
in a specific Xara file (but not a single Xara Xtreme
session), plus a list of typefaces commonly used in web
documents, a handy feature when you're using the web
designer features in Xtreme. Typefaces displayed in web
browsers are a limited and unique set—you cannot, for
example, use Linotype Palatino on a web page without
first converting it to a graphic.
An installed font list can get long and hard to scroll through. When the Xara Xtreme font menu
list is extended, you can type your way to the font you want to use. Type the first letter of the
font you want, and the list scrolls to this letter. If you quickly continue to type the letters of the
font's name, the list continues to scroll until you land on—or very near—the font you need.
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