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Marquee-drag paragraph text insertion
dragging diagonally (marquee-dragging) with the Text
Tool, you establish a paragraph text box whose margins
on all four sides you can adjust at any time. Additionally,
you can break paragraph text into different blocks
while retaining a link. You can easily justify columns,
edit in-place text, and design freely with paragraph
blocks, graphics, and imported images. Paragraph text is
covered thoroughly in Chapter 9.
You adjust text margins with the Text Tool, and not the Selector Tool. You distort text (which is
fine by intention) by using the Selector Tool.
Checking Out the Text Tool Infobar
It's hard to imagine any sort of text adjustment you'd need
that isn't right at hand on the Infobar when the Text Tool is
selected. Text handling in Xara goes way beyond that of a word
processing program, and if your desktop publishing needs run
from modest to medium-intensive, Xtreme can provide all the
DTP features you'd ever need. You have the best of both worlds
in Xtreme: the structure you need for creating legible text
messages, combined with the flexibility of a drawing program
steering most any effect you choose to embellish your message.
Figure 8-1 shows the run-down of the Infobar settings and
options after you've typed or pasted some text on a page:
Font menu list
When you have text highlighted with
the Text Tool, you can choose and apply typefaces
you've previously installed from this list. Alternatively,
you can open the Fonts Gallery and then, from the
Installed Fonts folder, drag a font preview and drop
it on text. You do not have to select the text to change
the typeface of what you've typed, but unless you are
zoomed into the text or the text is very bold, you can
miss the typed text and no change happens. Double-
clicking a font preview in the Fonts Gallery applies a
typeface to selected text.
When you install a typeface family, they are grouped on the menu. You can click on the small
black triangle at the right of a font's entry in the list to display a submenu where you can select
the style of that font that you want to use.
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