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F IGURE 7-4 Have an absolute ball
with Xara Xtreme.
and the front. Second, mirror planes don't simply flip the object
they are mirroring. The geometry of a reflected shape is mirrored,
but the perspective is continuous. This is why you can sometimes
see a hidden face of an object when you look into a mirror placed
near the object. Figure 7-5 shows a viewer, an object, and the
proper perspective of the mirror image of the toy train.
Open Art.xar. This file contains the word “Art” in a
stylized font that was converted to objects and also a bitmap
of a rendered scene. This scene will serve as the reflection,
the interior of the extruded word “Art.” If you'd like your own
phrase, a typeface of your own choosing, you can certainly run
the steps to follow to make your own creation. Make sure you
use a very bold font. There are also other environment images
you can experiment with if you unpack You
can definitely go out and take an environment photo and use it
in your work; use the Panorama button on the Infobar when the
Photo Tool is selected and you've imported and selected several
overlapping photographs (see Chapter 14).
F IGURE 7-5 Although mirrored
images display opposing geometry,
the 3D perspective of the mirrored
object is the same as the object
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