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You can edit a Perspective mould at any time by using the Shape Editor or the Selector Tool.
Creating your own moulds is fun and can be very
productive. The rules for the natures of envelopes and
perspectives apply: an envelope shape can only have four sides
and four control points, but the line segments can be curves
or straight lines. The Pen Tool is probably the best tool for
creating moulds, because you can achieve straight lines by
single-clicking and make curves by clicking and dragging.
Perspectives can only have straight line sides.
The other important rule is in the creation of a Mould
shape: Your first point must be located on the relative page
closest to the 0,0 origin, usually the bottom left of the page.
This means that if you click at the lower-left point first, which
is representative of the 0,0 bottom left origin on a page, and
then work clockwise, life is good and you can then copy and
paste the shape to deform an object you have selected with the
Mould Tool. If you create a shape starting at top right or left, or
work counterclockwise, the contents of the moulded object will
be reversed or rotated. You can correct this by using the Rotate
Content button, but why not get it right on the first go?
Open envelopes.xar. This document contains a few template
shapes you can copy and paste to deform objects. Make sure
the target shape is approximately the same shape and size as the
template shape and the result will be predictable. Alternatively,
you can scale, rotate, and stretch the template shape in this
document to suit your design need.
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