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To redirect a blend
If you made the blend in the
opposite direction you wanted, click the Remove Blend
button on the Toolbar and then do the blend again in the
intended direction.
To increase or decrease the number of intermediate
blend shapes Type a value in the n Steps field on the
Infobar after creating the blend and then press ENTER .
To change the distance and position of the parent
blend objects after creating a blend Hold down
CTRL - and click on a parent object with the Selector Tool,
and then move it. You can also rotate and scale a parent
blend object after CTRL -clicking on it while the status
line says “1 something or other (inside) on Layer x .”
To control intermediate colors
If the two blend
parent objects are different colors, the blend objects
will display a transition between the colors—by default,
the Fade Color blend effect. However, you can choose
Rainbow or Alt Rainbow from the drop-down list on
the Infobar when the Blend Tool is chosen and a blend
has been created. The Fade option makes a linear
transition between the parent shape's colors, mixing
the first color with a percentage of the second color.
Depending on your object
colors, occasionally you will
get muddy intermediate colors.
The Rainbow option fills the
intermediate objects with the
shortest route along the outside
of a traditional color wheel,
while Alt Rainbow takes the
longest route to cycle through
a color wheel's hues.
Alt Rainbow
You have additional control over both the distribution of the
intermediate shapes and how much of the blend is influenced
by the color of either control object. Click the Position Profile
button on the Infobar for these options:
To move the blend objects to the last parent
object Drag the top slider to the right.
To move the blend objects to the first parent
Drag the top slider to the left.
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