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With the Selector Tool, click the word “Alarm” to select
it. Then choose the Fill Tool.
On the Infobar, choose Bitmap from the Fill Type drop-
down, and then click on the Bitmap Name drop-down.
Click the inferno thumbnail to apply it as the text's fill.
Choose Repeat Inverted as the Fill Tiling style. Now
you can scale and rotate the fill to suit a design need.
Repeat steps 2-5 with the mirrored text. It will fade
even when filled, because apart from its fill property, it
also has a gradient transparency property.
Working with a Contone Image
“Contone” is an abbreviation for Con tinuous Tone image. Most
bitmap file formats save continuous tone data; the only time you'll
see something other than neighboring pixels expressing the full
range of colors is in a newspaper that has to use halftones . Halftones
trick the human eye into visually integrating one color ink on
one color of paper into a representation of a continuous tone.
A Contone in Xara Xtreme is a process by which you
can remap a 24-bit full-color digital color image into an
8-bit photo, using only the brightness component of the
photo and any light and dark Contone colors you please.
Open Contone example.xar, a serviceable mock-up of
a CD jewel case insert. Suppose after all your layout work
(the work is finished on a locked layer in this file, with
only the image selectable), your client tells you that they
only have money for a one-color print job.
The good news is you get to choose the one color.
Follow these steps to make quick adjustments to the composition
so you can quit work early today:
Select the image by using the Selector Tool.
Open the Color Editor.
Click the upper-left drop-down list of colors on the palette.
You'll see that Light Contone is selected, but the color
has yet to be defined. Drag the cross hair in the color
field to white. You'll see that the image has become
grayscale; white—and shades of white down to the
dark Contone color (which is currently at its default
of black)—are mapped to color brightnesses in the
image. And because pure white has no color saturation
component, there is no color to the image.
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